Friday, August 7, 2009

News coming out from the Court case of Mario Masuku and Amos Mbedzi

SSN update.

Message 1:
"Am with Mario Masuku and Amos Mbedzi here in court. Mario says I must tell you all that change will come, he will hang in there till you people rise up and say enough is enough."

Message 2:
"The President was defiant and he shouted VIVA and the over 100 people who turned up at the court were ecstatic....Mario was in high spirit and Mbedzi pleaded not guilty. He even did a little toyi-toyi in his leg irons. Am inspired."

These statements are all by our comrades inside court.

Viva the People's President Mario Masuku Viva
Viva to our Internationalist Amos Mbenzi Viva


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