Tuesday, September 7, 2010

COSATU condemns the arrest of 14 SAMWU members and PUDEMO President Mario Masuku in Swaziland

COSATU salutes all its affiliates, the international trade union
movement and civil society organisations from all over the world for
their outstanding show of practical solidarity with the oppressed and
suffering people of Swaziland.

This unprecedented show of solidarity has contributed to the historic
numbers in the march taking place today in Manzini that has literally
brought Swaziland to a standstill. We also send fraternal greetings to
all workers and activists who have organised activities in line with the
global day of action in their own countries.

However, we take this opportunity to condemn in the strongest terms, the
extreme arrogance and desperation of the Swazi monarchy which has and
continue to arrest our members, the latest being the 14 members of
SAMWU, our affiliate. We also condemn the arrest of PUDEMO President
Mario Masuku around 11h00 at Bhunu Mall in Manzini.

Every arrest brings closer the liberation of the people of Swaziland and
we urge the people to stand firm in their demand for democracy, it is a
painful, but worthy struggle. We are also told that an anti-South
African phobia is being instilled by the Swazi regime as we are told the
government has banned every car from South Africa unless it's a guest of
the monarchy. This will not solve the crisis and problems facing the
country, but throw it into further degeneration.

We call on the world leaders to break their silence and act now. The
future of our region is at stake and we are all called upon to be
counted in calling for sanity to prevail in Swaziland, meanwhile, the
struggle continues.

We call on all our members to join the protest at the Swazi consulate
tomorrow (Wednesday) at 12h30 at the Braamfontein Centre.

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