Monday, March 30, 2009

Fraternal Greetings from President Masuku

I visited Cde Mario at Matsapha Maximum Security Prison yesterday March 29th and he requested me to pass his comradely greetings to all of you and to thank you for the untiring support and commitment to the struggle for democracy and a better life for all in Swaziland. Despite his ailing health, Cde Masuku is very determined and strong.

His condition requires that he must be seen by a medical specialist at least once a week but this is not the case. His diet is not monitored and he is not provided snacks between meals to deal with his
medical condition.* He has constant blackouts as a result. He only sees a doctor once in a while. He has tooth problems and has requested to be seen by a dentist to no avail. He will not apply for bail because he is aware that the state uses bail to keep comrades in perpetual bondage outside prison.

"They will give me bail at an exorbitant fee with difficult conditions such as taking my passport and to report at the police station twice a week. They will not take the case to trial for many years making me a prisoner in the street. Let them try me and prove my innocence in court. I haven't committed any offence but I have spoken for the rights of my people" Masuku said.

Masuku has made a call for Talks about Talks with the state. He has called upon the Government, SADC, AU and UN to support this process.

He also expressed concern about the prime Minister's statement that members of political organisations will be dismissed from public sector employment. Masuku called upon trade unions in Swaziland and the world to come to the support of the affected comrades.

"This is an infringement of the
freedom of association as a basic human right enshrined in the UN Universal Declaration of Rights" Masuku said.

by J.R.

*Mario suffers from diabetics and doctors have advised against going long periods without eating at least some small amount of food.

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