Monday, March 9, 2009

Swazi Poilce threaten political activist with death!

Makhosetive death squads were at it again, yesterday 08/ 03/09.

Former Secretary General of SWAYOCO , Cde. Mduduzi "Shwarz" Mamba was told by police that We are now going to kill you…..for your political activities and "movements” into South Africa...".

He was further told not to leave his area of normal abode lest he gets what he is “applying for”.

This was after he had detained by the Swazi police at the border upon entering Swaziland from South Africa where he had gone on a private visit.

Mamba was then transported to the notorious Sigodvweni police station for “further questioning”. While being transported to Sgodvweni, Mamba notifed some Cdes of his detention by phone.

Cde Manyovu then went to the Sgodvweni police station to ascertain why Mamba was being held and to find out what he was charged with and further demanding his release.

At first the police denied having Mamba in their custody but through Cde Manyovu’s uncompromising insistence, the police conceded that Mamba was present for “questioning” at the station.

He was then released and told that police patience with him had run out and was told “not to forget” what he had been warned about.

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