Saturday, May 15, 2010

The burial of Comrade Sipho Jele

Preparations for the burial of Comrade Sipho Jele continue.

The urgent court application could not go to court after the dramatic and mysterious disappearance of the file on Sipho's file.

This was deliberately done by the state to buy time in an effort to do serious and urgent damage control.

It ensured the case did not go to court, but be settled out of court.

(See " Dead PUDEMO man’s file goes missing at High Court" -

The postmortem proceeded well and a report is expected soon.
  • Today at 1330 hrs, there will be a memorial service to be held at the Fellowship Church next to Palm Beach in Manzini.
  • a night vigil shall follow in the evening at Ncabaneni.
  • burial will be in the morning at Ncabaneni.
We envisage no problems, but we never knows with the governance structures in the country.

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