Saturday, May 22, 2010

Update on PUDEMO President

Update on PUDEMO President Comrade Mario Masuku’s

Like the past week, at about 5am this morning a battalion of hundreds of royal hit squads came to Sipho Jele's funeral.

This time around not raiding, but taking notes of what speakers had to say with the aim of targeting those who would say "viva PUDEMO".

Of note, this time they were carrying a digital video camera and recorded the morning sermon.

The environment was tense; last week's events were still fresh on the minds of the people who had attended.

Just when all was done, on our way back there was a road block, our car was following that of PUDEMO President and his son.

About 50 cops ordered Mario to get into the police van which took him to a police station near Luyengo.

In fear that he might be tortured as well, we decided to drive with them to the police station.

Many other comrades came, we waited out side the station. The media was already there to cover the story.

After waiting since morning we were told that he allegedly committed a crime under on terrorism act by shouting VIVA PUDEMO at the funeral.

After waiting for hours he was released, claiming that they will serve him with relevant papers so that he appear in court.

But I can proudly say that it was our support that changed their minds.

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