Members of PUDEMO continue to receive harassment from the Swaziland Tinkhundla regime. In the space of five days atrocities have been visited on our members including:
  • the mysterious bombing of Alex Langwenya's house.
  • the raiding of Mphandlana Shongwe's house.
  • the raiding of several homes of PUDEMO Youth League members in Manzini.
  • the raiding of PUDEMO National Organizing Secretary Jabulani Dlamini's house on Friday morning.
  • the detention of three members of PUDEMO Youth League in Hlatikulu on Friday morning. Two of them have been released while one, namely Zonke Dlamini remains in detention. Reports are that the comrades were severely tortured by the police. Zonke remains in the cells enduring the torture being visited on him by the police and we fear a repeat of what befell the late Sipho Jele might be witnessed for no one is allowed access to him and he is neither afforded medical attention.
  • the raid on the home of the former PUDEMO National Organizing Secretary, Armstrong Robinson in his absence.
We suspect there might be more of such unreported atrocities and abuse of human rights on the members of PUDEMO meted out by the state's security agents countrywide. And more are still to come! After all the campaign was declared in 2008 and this week, the Prime Minister reiterated the state's commitment to carryout this deadly campaign on democracy activists in Swaziland and instill fear on anyone who dares think of publicly criticizing the status quo.

Head of Publicity
Zakhele Mabuza +268 7607 3453